Nourcy in financial difficulties

“What you see is the reason why we are no longer here.” The Nourcy family, no longer associated with the Nourcy Group that they founded in 1977, is not surprised by the financial difficulties currently facing the company.
The Nourcy Group announced Friday the “temporary suspension” of the activities of its counters and the catering service. “The difficult economic situation in business, particularly in catering, as well as a probably too rapid expansion of the business that required a lot of investment in a short time, explain the current context,” it was explained in a press release.

“Nourcy Group’s catering operations on the Valcartier Vacation Village site, at the Jean-Lesage International Airport in Quebec and at Le Commissariat [in Lebourgneuf] are not affected in any way and remain in operation to serve customers, “it was said.

So we understand – the public relations firm that produced the communiqué and Nourcy have not recalled Le Soleil for possible clarification – that the activities at the Videotron Center, as well as counters of Lévis, Lebourgneuf and the boulevard Pierre-Bertrand are suspended, as are those of the street food truck.

The Nourcy not surprised

Nourcy was originally a family business, founded in 1977. But since last year, there is no longer any member of the Nourcy family among its shareholders. The company, including the name, was acquired by businessman Michel Bellavance. The latter had a minority stake in the company when he arrived a few years ago. He acquired everything under an agreement signed with the family in March 2017.

His former colleague, Nicolas Nourcy, does not rejoice “the misfortune of others”. But if he and his sister, who piloted the catering service, and his mother, who ran the Place Sainte-Foy shop, left the company, it was precisely because they feared an expansion too fast. “What you see is the reason we’re not here anymore. […] We are dealing with someone who wants to grow too fast. He wants to sell the brand. ”

According to him, the Nourcy family would probably still own the business if it had had stronger loins during negotiations with Mr. Bellavance. “It was a disagreement of shareholder on the future of Nourcy. […] The reason we left was that we were less rich. It’s just a question of money. “The Nourcy family is now the owner of the Origine café-traiteur counter in Place Sainte-Foy.

In an interview with Le Soleil in August 2017, Michel Bellavance presented his business model. “I want the company to be everywhere in Quebec. I want to increase the number of Nourcy counters. I want to distribute my products in the IGA. I do not want people to come to me, I go to people, where they are, “he answered the question” where do you see your business in five years? ”

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