Nova Scotia's End of the World

Nova Scotia's end of the world


People who have hiked the Cape Breton Highlands know how beautiful this course is. Route 30, named Cabot Trail, meanders through this rugged terrain punctuated by vertiginous climbs and descents. This course sometimes reveals landscapes with a view of the sea. It is certainly one of the most beautiful road trips in Canada.

In the blaze of copper colors of fall, some sites and viewpoints can be very busy at times. In search of tranquility, I opt for a small row at the Cape North passage. In Saint Margaret Village, I leave the asphalt for the Meat Cove road, covered with gravel. After 11.5 km on this one, the end of the world of Nova Scotia awaits me for a short hike. Meat Cove is the northernmost community in this Atlantic province. There are a few attractions and the start of a superb 3.7 km hike. With its drop of 277 meters, the 360° perspective allows you to admire a most spectacular panorama. However, with this aerial perspective by means of my drone, I really manage to do justice to this corner of paradise for campers and hikers.  

Camera: DJI Mavic Pro 2

Lens: 28 mm

Exposure: 1/800s at F/2.8

ISO: 100