“Now in hospital”: the wife Kharlamov Asmus admitted in serious illness

"Сейчас в больнице": жена Харламова Асмус призналась в серьезном заболевании

yesterday, 20:00

Popular Russian actress, wife of comedian Garik Kharlamov Kristina Asmus often pleases fans on the social network Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put a gorgeous selfie with the bright evening makeup, wasnow fans bad news. So, the artist turned out to be for more than a week in the hospital with acute bacterial infection. Kristina herself is also noted that previously she has already called several times the carriage “ambulance”, because it is not actually rested.

Neither this photo, nor some of my recent posts are not very relevant to what I have now is actually happening 🤷 🏼 ♀ now I am in the hospital. For a week. Some acute bacterial infection 🙈 Performances with a high temperature, a meeting with the winners of #textcontent the last effort, one fast, the second, eventually took 😰 around the Clock under droppers with disbelieve temperature and in terrible condition 💊 the Body, apparently, realized that the rest of me is not worth waiting and decided myself to have a vacation 🛌🤪 promise to Write tomorrow, but will watch as. So much garbage. No gifts could not buy, nor particularly festive mood no 🎄”, said Asmus. Followers wish star beauty scoreing recovery in the comments.

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"Сейчас в больнице": жена Харламова Асмус призналась в серьезном заболевании

"Сейчас в больнице": жена Харламова Асмус призналась в серьезном заболевании

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