“Now it’s just us”: Alexander Kucherenko touching congratulated her husband with a birthday

The wife of Dmitry Komarov has published a family photo in Instagram

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"Теперь есть только мы": Александра Кучеренко трогательно поздравила мужа с днем рождения

Dmitry Komarov married Alexander Kucherenko

Host and model Alexander Kucherenko congratulated her husband Dmitry Komarov happy birthday. Today, June 17, the star of the program “the World inside out” turns 36 years old.

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On his page on Instagram the newly minted wife has published a warm festive selfie with your loved ones. Photo Kucherenko and Mosquitoes posing in an embrace. Sasha is holding a cake that says “happy birthday”.

"Теперь есть только мы": Александра Кучеренко трогательно поздравила мужа с днем рождения

Alexander Kucherenko congratulated Dmitry Komarov happy birthday

“For me it’s very important and joyful day – the birthday of my loved one, my closest friend, my own soul, my husband)) Dima, I congratulate you on our holiday! Our, because now there is only “we”)) You became my whole world and every day you open your world to me. Together we went to the best journey that can only be, is our life. Happy, joyful, bright, fun, awesome, addictive – even if it is such,” wrote the publication Kucherenko.

In review subscribers girls joined the congratulations and wished the spouses happiness in family life. “You guys make a great couple! Happiness to you”, “so beautiful”, “Congratulations!”, – writing followers.

We will remind that earlier the presenter, Dmitry Komarov confessed, playing with Alexandra wedding.

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