Now look the stars of the legendary series “Friends”: Oh, mother

Как сейчас выглядят звезды легендарного сериала "Друзья": ой, мамочки

The main actress of the series “Friends” Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox did not hesitate to publish amazing photos.

As it can be seen how the actress is visibly aged. Similarly old and we are under one of the best series in history.

Как сейчас выглядят звезды легендарного сериала "Друзья": ой, мамочки

It is worth mentioning that the Famous Ukrainian producer Yuriy Nikitin and his company has helped to become famous and to reach the international level to the young group KAZKA. The new youth project of the producer became an international Duo GRLS – two girls with exotic names Naila and Ilar. One 24-year-old Tatar from Crimea, the other 21-year-old Turkmen by nationality, but living in Poland. They are young and ambitious, ready to do great things.

Как сейчас выглядят звезды легендарного сериала "Друзья": ой, мамочки

Who is hiding under names Naila and Alar which experiment launched by the company Mamamusic and the girls are going to conquer the Ukraine and the world – all the details in the material “Znayu”.

We wrote that

Famous Ukrainian singer and showman Vitaly Kozlovsky, which last spring disgraced with his performance in Russia and is famous for the naked photos online, has revealed a new photo, which amuse his many fans. The fact is that the singer appeared on the overview of the audience in a very romantic manner.

So, on his page in Instagram singer published a photo where posing near the car with a Cup of coffee in his hands. Acne in this picture looks like a Hollywood pretty boy, his image is quite stylish. For the photoshoot, he’s wearing slim, dark jeans and black sweater, over which he threw a dark jacket. On the feet of the singer of a neat black boots. Acne is not looking at the camera, he’s standing a little sideways to the camera and looking into the distance.

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