“Now who’s on top”: Pritula described the main cause of the scandal Freimut, video

"Вот кто сверху": Притула назвал главную причину скандала с Фреймут, видео

The famous Ukrainian showman Serhiy Prytula shed light on his argument in a leading Olga Freimut, which the stars had previously been close friends. Sergey and Olga worked together in 2010 either together with Alexander: was the leading morning show “Pdiam” on the New channel. It is this part of the programme caught the fancy of TV viewers, perhaps more than others.

Also Olga and Sergei was leading the show “Hto zverhu?”, where Prytula represented the men’s team, and Freimut women. Judged their constant companion — Pedan. Recently, however, the audience noticed that the once good friends Olga and Sergei weren’t talking anymore. This writes the portal “Politek”.

"Вот кто сверху": Притула назвал главную причину скандала с Фреймут, видео

Sergey Pritula and Olga Freimut

Recently in “Sravi way”, which airs on TV channel Ukraine, Serhiy Prytula finally shed light on what happened between the two favorites. So, showman said that she did him ugly, when the 1+1 TV channel was trying to get her to cooperate. Sergei said that just three days before the voucher is gone with the New, she informed him that he was not going to leave the channel.

Showman also told that last year when he sent a former colleague a video greeting in her birthday, she cut it put in a social network: “We were in Istanbul with my family, and we recorded a small video for her minute. Olya video from private correspondence cut, put up in Instagram to see how Pritula for her dry. Well, it is, it’s a madhouse in there, it’s ugly. And this year I’m doesnít happy birthday. I don’t know just how she may such things continue to use.”

We will remind, earlier it was reported that showman Serhiy Prytula, who recently offered his services as a presenter on the debate Poroshenko and Zelensky, emotionally stood up in his Facebook for the actress Irma Vitovsky, which ran into a storm of criticism. On the Irma stated that he supports Poroshenko in the presidential election, and in response she poured the offensive, including obscene comments.

We will remind, the known TV presenter has agreed to a debate and called his conditions.

As reported Znaia to see “Who’s on top?”: Prytula volunteered to debate Zelensky and Poroshenko.

Also Znayu wrote, “Dog fights”: Zelensky said about “duel” with Poroshenko.


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