Nuclear Apocalypse: the danger to mankind of the Third world

YouTube channel Kurzgesagt showed the consequences of large-scale nuclear war

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Ядерный апокалипсис: чем грозит человечеству Третья мировая

Nuclear Arsenal on Earth capable of killing about three billion people

What if the Third world war will happen with the application States the total available nuclear Arsenal? To this question decided to answer YouTube channel Kurzgesagt, which in a simple and accessible form of cartoon animation showed the catastrophic consequences of a nuclear disaster on Earth.

As says the author of the video demonstration of the consequences in any case are not invented and implemented on the basis of the information gathered from experts and from scientific reports. Thus is demonstrated the most realistic scenario of the consequences of full-scale nuclear war.

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It should also be noted that since the beginning of the nuclear age, nuclear powers have created in the total amount of 15 thousand nuclear warheads, 14 thousand of them are on the territory of Russia and the United States. Then comes the horrifying statistics. For example, to destroy a city with a population more than 100 thousand people need three nuclear explosion. The existing number of nuclear weapons able to erase from the face of the Earth 4.5 thousand large cities and killing about three billion people.

On the other hand, if all existing nuclear Arsenal on Earth to lay down in one place and undermine, the resulting fireball would have a diameter of 50 kilometers, and the resulting blast wave would destroy everything in an area of 3000 square kilometers and within a radius of 250 km from the centre of all life would simply evaporate.

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Recall that earlier we talked about the ten deadly risks for humanity. It should also be noted that this scenario assumed a supercomputer that predicted mankind painful death.

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Ядерный апокалипсис: чем грозит человечеству Третья мировая

Ядерный апокалипсис: чем грозит человечеству Третья мировая

Ядерный апокалипсис: чем грозит человечеству Третья мировая


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