Nuclear: Ukraine accuses Russia of having again bombed its Zaporizhia power plant

Nuclear: Ukraine accuses Russia of again bombing its Central Zaporizhia


Ukrainian nuclear operator Energoatom accused Russia on Wednesday of having again bombed the site of the Zaporizhia power plant (south), the largest in Europe.  

“Russian terrorists bombed the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant again during the night,” Energoatom reported on Telegram. 

The bombardment damaged a power line causing several transformers of the number 6 of the plant and a brief start-up of emergency generators, Energoatom said.

“Even the presence of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) does not stop” the Russians, he added, calling on the AEIA to “more resolute acts” against Moscow.  

The Zaporizhia power station, occupied by Russian troops since the first weeks of their invasion of Ukraine launched in February, has been repeatedly targeted by bombardments in recent months. < /p>

kyiv and Moscow blame each other and accuse each other of nuclear blackmail. 

Two other nuclear sites have become embroiled in the war launched by Russia against the Ukraine, despite repeated calls from the international community to spare such infrastructure so as not to cause a continental catastrophe.

On Monday, Kyiv accused Moscow of having bombed the site of its nuclear power plant from Pivdennoukraïnsk (south).

At the start of the invasion, forces from Moscow also occupied the Chernobyl power plant (north), scene in 1986 of the worst nuclear accident in history. Closed since 2000, this plant is located in an area highly contaminated by radioactive waste.