Nursing home at home, concerns around the Gard dam, Sigean is 50 years old… the main news in the region

Nursing home at home, concerns around the Gard dam, Sigean is 50 years old... the main news in the region

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Securing a dam: the Department’s rant

#GARD –In a letter sent to Christophe Béchu, Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Françoise Laurent-Perrigot, president of the Gard department, calls for strong actions from the State for security work to be carried out on the Sainte-Cécile-d’Andorge flood control dam. Built in 1967 to deal with the devastating floods of the Gardon, like those of 1958, the Sainte-Cécile structure has been under close surveillance for several years. This dam is made up of an embankment of earth and rocks. If an exceptional flood were to pass above its summit, the entire building could be swept away. The president deplores the administrative burdens which are delaying the work while "the populations are worried and the risk is real".

The Sigean African Reserve celebrates its 50th anniversary

#AUDE –Monday April 8, 1974, the Sigean African Reserve opened its doors. Born in the adventurous spirit of two personalities, it has since become the benchmark for European zoological parks. With 7.5 km of safari by car, and 360 hectares of land, including 150 ha of protected natural areas, the African Reserve is the largest park of its type in France. It welcomes 380,000 visitors per year, or some 15 million in 50 years. The park records around 200 animal births per year. No less than 96 employees, including five biologists, four veterinarians and 55 animal caretakers, are necessary for its operation.

Today's number: 9250

#MONTPELLIER –In number of runners, participants in the first edition of the Montpellier Run Festival. The event organized around five races in two days brought together a total of 9,250 runners: 714 in the 5 kilometer, 2,293 in the 10 kilometer, 3,313 in the half-marathon, 1,003 in the marathon and 1,653 (350 teams) on the Ekiden. For the ladies, the marathon was won on Sunday by Alexia Van Tol (3h11min23sec) and by Morgan False for the men (2h23min11sec).

The nursing home at home with the territorial resource center

#PYRÉNÉES-ORIENTALES – Going to a nursing home or placing a loved one there is a difficult decision. Seniors have a very difficult time having to leave their home with a direct impact on their health. Today, an alternative solution exists with the territorial resource center (CRT). In the Pyrénées-Orientales, two nursing homes were selected by the ARS, in Prades and Pia."By 2026, four CTRs will be deployed in the P-O (33 in total in Occitanie)", explains Franck Nivaud, departmental director of the’ ARS. Concretely, the resource centers have a prevention mission and above all they allow reinforced support at home for elderly people, with a mobile team supported by a nursing home.

40 ravers in Rieussec and the fear of a lively spring

#HERAULT – Around forty teufers made the music resonate on Saturday April 6 and Sunday April 7 in Rieussec, a small town near Saint-Pons-de-Thomières. The police intervened and the party-goers had to leave the premises on Sunday evening. In addition to the inconvenience caused, the Le Son du silence association, which works against the noise pollution of rave parties, fears an increase in these festive gatherings. Teknival, rave and other free parties are in fact prohibited in the nearby Aude until June 9 by the prefecture.

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