Nutritionists explained whether a separate food contributes to weight loss

Диетологи объяснили, действительно ли раздельное питание способствует похудению

The expert called this system power is unscientific.Many dieters have at least once tried to hold a separate food – this system was proposed by Herbert Shelton and implies that there are incompatible products and proteins and carbohydrates you need to eat separately.

Popular nutritionist Albina Komissarova, who previously called insidious habits that make it difficult to lose weight, I decided to figure out if it is useful, and to debunk popular myths about a separate feed in your Instagram.

According to experts, it is completely unfounded, and combined food well digested.

“Digestion begins in the mouth, continues in stomach and in intestine. All the food that gets into our body, it breaks down into smaller molecules (as proteins into amino acids, for example) with the help of special enzymes. Combined food is perfectly digested and assimilated because enzymes have their point of application and do not interfere with each other, but rather complement,” said the nutritionist.

In addition, as reported by Komissarova, there are products that ONLY contain one macronutrient needed, except that the protein egg or white sugar. For example, yogurt contains 5 g of protein and 3.5 grams of carbohydrates that it makes the already mixed food.

“I have an idea that for the digestion of proteins need an acidic environment, and for carbohydrates-alkaline and therefore combined the food is not digested. It is not, the environment in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract more or less constant and does not change from the kind of products and also perfect for proper digestion of food,” she debunked one of the myths about separate nutrition.

The specialist also explained why some people after the transition to this system was able to lose weight.

“Any loop on a specific supply system, the following tables, the exclusion of certain products leads to increased attention to nutrition and reducing calorie intake, so we lose weight (feel better).However, any loop is dangerous, plus we deprive ourselves of variety and favorite combinations of products”, says the nutritionist.

“Simply put: the system is unscientific and can and should eat food in the normal regime”, – concluded the expert on healthy eating.

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