Nutritionists have called products that are not suitable for Breakfast

Диетологи назвали продукты, не подходящие для завтрака

Not all food is useful to use in the morning.

These products are best not to drink on an empty stomach so as not to impair health. Be careful, according to the with reference to see.

For anybody not a secret that Breakfast is an essential meal, therefore, it should not be missed. However, the selection of foods for the morning meal also plays a big role in how you feel throughout the day. Therefore, nutritionists told us what Goodies is better to postpone for lunch, and not to turn them into Breakfast.

Bananas and citrus fruits

In the morning stomach is very sensitive to food, so fruits with high acidity and amount of magnesium can cause stomach problems and discomfort.

Coffee drinks

Popular opinion about the mandatory coffee to Wake up not quite right. A drink on an empty stomach can lead to gastritis as well as the weaknesses. So better first a full meal, and then enjoy a Cup of coffee.


Only one yogurt is a great option for a snack throughout the day, however, it is difficult to call it a full Breakfast, because its use is unlikely to be palpable, and the feeling of hunger will quickly return.


Many diets allow in the morning is something sweet, but the spike in blood sugar is unlikely to help improve health. Sudden improvement in mood will quickly end, and on change to it comes fatigue and hunger.


Another dish that is very popular as a Breakfast, but absolutely no match for him. Better not to get involved sandwiches with sausage and meat, because the stomach requires energy to digest them.

But whole-grain sandwiches with light vegetables are perfect for morning meal.

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