Nutritionists have uncovered another secret to fast weight loss

Диетологи раскрыли еще один секрет быстрого похудения

Scientists have discovered a secret “ingredient” how to lose weight permanently.

Researchers from the University of Vermont (USA) confirmed the hypothesis that the key to successful weight loss is the ability to self-control, reports the with reference to

The experiment was attended by 142 volunteers. They stick to the diet and sports loads of graphics and also met regularly for online conversation to share their successes and failures.

Scientists suggested that those who wish to lead on the platform a kind of “food diary” to record all foods and beverages that they consumed during the day, to specify the number of calories, portion sizes and cooking methods.

Comparing the number of daily registrations with the end results, the researchers came to some surprising conclusions.

It turns out that more extra pounds dropped subjects, which are more diligently kept a diary and often participated in group sessions.

It turned out that the account is not time consuming. If in the first month of a self-test and self-control participants spent an average of 23 minutes a day, by the end of the program (6-month) time has decreased to 14.6 minutes.

“It is very efficient much easier than people think”, – concluded the head of the Department of nutrition and food Sciences at the University Jean Harvey.

She noted that today there are many mobile and computer applications for such diaries, so everyone can choose the most convenient option.

The strategy of control works well because we seldom notice that how much you eat. Often it is this “unaccounted” food (for the company while watching TV, at a party) is the main cause of extra pounds and inches.

Previously, scientists at Cornell University used a hidden camera to “spy” for the customers in the restaurant. After dinner they asked all the participants one simple question: how much bread you ate today at your meals? And got shocking results: most people ate 30% more than they had anticipated.

In addition, many dieters are afraid of breakdowns. But in reality, the disruptions in the diet not as harmful as emotional stress because of them. If you control yourself with the help of a diary and not “punish” for every extra slice of chocolate, then the number of “retreats” over time will only decrease.

Recall, even during a tough diet should not exclude from a diet of natural cereals as they are rich in trace elements and vitamins required for the smooth metabolism, moreover, they permanently provide a feeling of satiety, which reduces the risk of overeating.


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