Nutritionists suggested what sweetness will help to lose weight

Диетологи подсказали, какая сладость поможет похудеть

This chocolate diet is possible to lose up to three pounds in two weeks.Probably no one will refuse a piece of natural chocolate. It turns out that with the help of this delicacy and you can still lose weight.

But you need to follow some rules, writes the with reference to medinfo.

Such people eat chocolate, always and everywhere, wherever they went. Chocolate can even have them in the bag that was always at hand. Remember, as parents often forbade us to eat sweets until you eat something substantial and nutritious? So why now, few people follow this rule?

How to lose weight on the chocolate?Most of the taste and the feeling of pleasure from food meets the brain, and therefore it turns out, the body asks for one, and the soul is quite another. I want something tasty and pleasant, in this case, the assistance to come a chocolate bar.

What to do if chocolate is impossible to resist, but to lose weight, want? Then don’t give up, and turn chocolate into a means for weight loss.

This chocolate diet is possible to lose up to three kilograms in two weeks. Someone might ask how you can lose weight, if only a hundred grams dark organic chocolate contains more than 500 calories? Also chocolate contains large amounts of carbohydrates, sugars and fat.

The chocolate spy. These are the people who constantly have a bar of chocolate and lie such stash anywhere around the house. Most often, according to psychology, a person is constantly dissatisfied with something and therefore sticks his dissatisfaction with a sweet, or is he just ashamed that eats it so much, and that nobody knew, trying to hide a chocolate bar.

So, diet for “the chocolate spy”: required products for a day or 275 ml of pasteurized milk, tea or coffee one or two cups, or 6-8 glasses of pure water. The norm for each day – no more than 250 calories.

In the first week of the diet is allowed to eat chocolate. This is certainly need to have a strong endurance, but it’s worth it. It can be replaced by other products, for example, a glass of milk and 50 grams of cornflakes, one banana and a glass of orange juice.

But if you want something in bigger then a slice of rye bread, boiled egg, tomato and orange juice.

In the diet should be limited to light meals and salads, vegetables, white meat. You can eat some fried fish, potatoes and one banana.

In addition, there should be one main dish, the calorie content is not more than 400 calories per day.

What kind of dishes: one hundred grams of fried liver, two fries, two teaspoons of corn and the same of orange juice, one banana.

Or you can use this: 75 grams of red meat, two tablespoons of roasted potatoes and a rye bun. To all this, is attached and dessert. It must contain no more than 100 calories. This can be a glass of wine or 250 ml beer.

Next week, the diet is repeated, only with a small addition of chocolate (150 calories), and dessert increases to 200 calories.

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