Nutritionists told how to recognize overeating

Диетологи рассказали, как распознать переедание

There are several non-obvious features.

For anybody not a secret that the main reason for overweight is overeating. Overeating is a serious eating disorder that can lead to severe obesity, according to the with reference to the news of Yu.

We will tell about the first signs of overeating, noting which is immediately contact the appropriate specialist to prevent complications and to find an effective solution to this problem.

Experts have called seven signs of overeating:

Quick absorption of food

Can in one sitting to consume a larger portion of food? This is a clear sign of the tendency to overeat.

The loss of self control

You sure tuned in on a diet, but an inner voice calling you to the fridge, and you are not able to refuse him? It also says about the issue.


If after eating large portions of food feel guilty – it’s time to reflect on their food habits.

Unnecessary snacking

You always have something to chew on, and it does not matter what it is: a small Apple, a sandwich, or a jelly doughnut.

Sneak eating

You’re embarrassed by your excessive love for food, so during unplanned snacking often hide from relatives that they have not noticed your problem.

Increasing weight

Noticed that the numbers on your scales are steadily growing up? It’s time to reconsider your food habits.

But what if the hand “itself” pulls another piece of mouth, if the major portion should always be additive, if sorrow and joy “jammed” another dessert or chips?

To start honestly admit how much you eat. This is enough for three days to record everything you ate and drank. Most likely, you will learn a lot about yourself.

Gradually reduce your portions, until you reach the recommended by nutritionist. Take the time to correct two snacks between Breakfast, lunch and dinner – with five times the power you do not have time for “beast,” hungry to the next meal, so eat a lot less.


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