Nutritionists told me how to reset 8 kg per week

Диетологи рассказали, как "сбросить" 8 кг за неделю

Fat burning soup can help to lose.Eliminate alcohol, as this violates the process of removing fat from the body. With diet you need to go at least 24 hours before drinking any alcoholic beverage. Medications can take.

The basis of the diet is “soup, fat-burning” to prepare every time you want to eat. The more you eat, the more pounds will drop.

At the exact diet for a week you have to reset from 4.5 to 8 kg. it is Very important that those products that are recommended diet, you ate it was in those days that they need to eat. If during the week you are most lost weight and lost 7 kg and more, you need to take a break in the diet for 2 days. To continue it you can at any time. You can’t eat soup out of the diet!

Resort to seven-day diet can be as often as you want. If you are interrupted, start again from day one.

Follow the diet as much time as you’ll feel the positive momentum in its physical and moral condition.

Recipe for fat burning soup:6 medium onions,a few tomatoes,1 small head of cabbage,2 green peppers,1 bunch of celery,2 cubes vegetable broth.

Preparation:Cut the vegetables and cover with water. Season with salt, pepper and, if you like, curry or spicy sauce. Boil on high flame for 10 minutes, then make small fire and continue to cook until the vegetables are soft.

Fill them in the morning thermos to take with them, if during the day you’ll be out of the house.

But we should not eat only this soup. The diet must be replenished and other products.

The first day. Soup and fruit. You can eat any fruits, except bananas. In melons and watermelons fewer calories than most other fruits. Eat only soup and fruit. As drinking can use unsweetened tea or coffee ( without milk ), cranberry juice or water ( water – as much as possible ).

The second day. The soup and vegetables. You can eat all the vegetables you want ( raw, fresh or canned ). Valid and leafy greens. Eat all this soup, yet not be satisfied. Stay away from dried beans, peas and corn.

During lunch on this day you can eat a baked potato with butter. Do not eat any fruit. Drink water.

Day three. Soup, fruit and vegetables. Eat soup and all the vegetables and fruits you like, excluding only a baked potato. Drink water.

The fourth day. Soup, fruits and vegetables, including bananas and skim milk. You can eat 3 bananas and drink so much water as to be in parallel with the soup. Eat so much soup, fresh vegetables and fruits as you want, but only 3 bananas.

The fifth day. Beef and tomatoes with soup. Can eat 300-800 grams of beef or jar canned tomatoes. At least once a day eat a soup.

The sixth day. Beef and vegetables plus soup. Beef and vegetables eat your fill. If you wish, you can eat 2 or 3 steaks and all green leafy vegetables, what you want, but no baked potatoes. Drink water.

On the seventh day. Brown rice, fruit juice, vegetables and soup. Rice can be added to the soup, and it is possible for rice to add vegetables – sliced onions and tomatoes, cauliflower. Not forbidden to cook vegetables with curry. Drink water.

By the end of the seventh day, if you strictly observe a diet, you will lose 4.5 to 8 kg.

Strictly forbidden: bread, alcohol, carbonated beverages. Nothing fried or cooked with addition of fat.

General rules– follow recommendations for each day. Do not allow any digressions and fantasies.- Weigh yourself in the morning.- Eat soup every time, as soon as you start to experience hunger. Be careful with the butter – it can be used only once a week with a baked potato.- Carefully remove from the meat all the fat. With poultry, remove skin.

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