Nutritionists told what not to do immediately after eating

Диетологи рассказали, что нельзя делать сразу после еды

Between the food and these actions will take some time.

It is very important to monitor not only the process of eating, and what you do after a meal. Violation of these rules threatens to discomfort and disruptions in the digestive system, according to the with reference to PolitekA.

Go to bed

How would you not want to sleep, wait at least a couple of hours. It is best to do chores, be moderately active, but not allow yourself to take a horizontal position. Sleep after a meal leads to stomach discomfort and heartburn.

Take a hot bath

There is no dispute that this process is very pleasant, but not with a full stomach. The body temperature increases, and the body, in turn, increases the blood flow of the surfaces of the entire body, reducing him in the stomach. The process of digestion slows down.

To rush to training

Intensive training immediately after eating you are unlikely to overpower. It is best to agree in advance the diet (food should not be difficult), time of reception and time of classes. When you exercise you should feel comfortable.

To eat lunch fruit

The normal process of digestion will be disturbed, there are you eat after a hearty lunch a couple of fruit. Fruit acids will trigger the process of fermentation in the stomach, food is digested longer, and you will have a feeling of discomfort.

To arrange a tea party

Cup of tea after a meal actively prevents the absorption of iron and reduces the efficiency of the digestive system. If you really want tea, then drink it 30 minutes before eating. Thus you will prepare the stomach to receive food.

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