Nutritionists told what will happen to the organism if only raw foods

Диетологи рассказали, что будет с организмом, если есть только сырые продукты

New developments HLC reached and the heat treatment of food.

Some experts say that cooking foods at high temperatures, making them toxic. Moreover, raw foods, in their opinion, can help to treat some illnesses, including arthritis, and diabetes, writes the with reference on healthinfo.

In some circles it is believed that enzymes and nutrients originally contained in food, can collapse from exposure to fire, and that is why you should try to move to a so-called raw diet. I must say, many really excited about this information and began to practice a raw food diet. However, information about what is actually happening with their bodies is contradictory.


Rules for raw foodists is quite hard, and mindlessly eat only raw food can be dangerous for the body. Because it means that you are not allowed milk and milk products from the store, fish and meat. Remain, in fact, just nuts, sprouted or soaked in water cereals, raw eggs (if you take such a risk), and vegetables with fruits. Thus the first thing that can happen to your body – it is food poisoning because the heat treatment of dies is still part of pathogenic bacteria, the pasteurization of milk, it becomes much safer. Raw meat and fish is quite a strange idea, even if you suddenly decided to become a raw eater. However, they can be jerked or salted.

The first effect

The food is not cooked, by definition, less sodium. You won’t pickle your fruits or cereals – it’s tasteless, Yes, and the salt will not dissolve under these conditions. That in itself is not bad. Low amounts of sodium will reduce blood pressure and improve kidney health and reduce the risk of diabetes. If this is likely to happen rapidly weight loss. First, by reducing the amount of fluid in the body, and secondly, just due to the fact that you won’t eat fried and baked.

First risks

Only raw foods – automatically means the narrowing of the diet to foods of plant origin. Milk, eggs, meat and fish without heat treatment in most cases are unfit for food. The conclusion from this state of Affairs is simple – without compensation sufficient amounts of protein the amount of your muscle mass will drop sharply, you will feel weak and unwell. Will have to take vitamins and mineral supplements, but not the fact that the body will assimilate them quite well.

System error

Fans of the raw diet say that cooking food makes it toxic. Those who decided on such a diet, you should know that any scientific experiments it has not been proven. That is, if you feel that your body has less toxins, then with high probability it will be comparable to a placebo effect. Raw diet definitely will deprive you of protein, iron, calcium, vitamin B12 from foods that can be eaten raw, these nutrients are simply not absorbed. On the other hand, you’ll lose out on beta-carotene and lycopene. A lot of them in vegetables, but without heat treatment they are almost useless.

Natural beginning

Adherents of raw foodism claim that the raw diet is useful because nature has never been inherent mechanism of heat treatment of food, and all the animals eat it raw and live supposedly great. All true, but evolution has not been canceled. The fact that our body has already adapted to the nutrients are not raw feed from the pasture and field grasses, and difficult of meals. This stage of adjustment of the organism cannot be rolled back, sitting on the raw diet. The body has to exert too much effort to recycle raw food, but it is not always good for him.

Hormonal risk

Even if not to challenge the usefulness of raw vegetables, it is worth reflecting on one of their property that may occur on the background of General weakening of the body from the raw food diet. For example, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, broccoli and some other cruciferous vegetables contain substances that block the function of the thyroid gland and eventually causing hypothyroidism. For people who have a propensity to thyroid disorders, this substance can impair the body’s ability to produce important hormones.

Violence against the body

Violence against the body is inevitably going to happen if you don’t give him food already prepared for digestion. But such training is only possible after heat treatment. Vegetables, fruits and grains have a fibrous structure to digest efficiently which is possible only if there is a special stomach. For example, as the ruminants with four departments. The man, of course, such a stomach is not, so the fibrous pulp is released from the body almost in the same form in which it came, simultaneously causing complications in the digestive tract.

Robbed the body

If the products are poorly digested, so the body receives less nutrients, even if they are in abundance contained in eaten foods. The high temperature experienced by the food during cooking, it releases vitamins and minerals from hard fibres and allows them well enough to be absorbed. Some products are really worth eating raw, but it is important that the organism was able to ease some of the stages of food processing and freeing their it nutrients.

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