“NWR” : Maes pulls out a new song where “everything is black” 🎵

“NWR” : Maes pulls out a new song where “everything is black”

After “Morning”, his feat with Koba LaD available on the latest album by rapper, 19 years old, Maes is now back with her solo completely new. In “NWR”, the interpreter of the “Madrina” recounts the conflicts between police officers and offenders on a beat is quite dark and melancholic. Listen to the song on PRBK !

In November 2018, Maes came to the fore in the rap game with his first album “Pure” in which we find the songs “green Tickets”, “Avenue Montaigne”, “Mama” and “Madrina” in feat with Booba. In parallel with the success of his opus, the rapper originally from Seine-Saint-Denis has worked with Dabs on the “Your dreams” and with Koba Fda on “Morning”, from the new album “Free”. Today, Maes is back with a brand new title unpublished, entitled “NWR”.

Maes back with “NWR”

On a beat quite melancholy and less urban than its previous, the young artist speaks about a conflict between an offender and the police : “Baby, not expect, this evening I’m not fit / I’m in the car, I smoked to forget / I’m in profit, I see that the big ticket / in Front of your mom we came to you attach“, raps-t-he front of him drawing a chorus quite dark : “Everything is black, they wanted me to shoot in the bottom / get me Out of the dark, they wanted me to shoot in the background.” A text poignant, but Maes is he speaking of his own past ?

A mixtape mysteriously disappeared

Before you unsheathe the song “NWR”, the rapper 24-year-old has had a small mishap last month : his mixtape “Real Life 2.0”, released in march 2018, has mysteriously disappeared from platforms of streaming. An absence that the internet users have quickly noticed and wondered if the project had not been censored. In any case, Maes was not aware of this decision as he posted on Twitter : “Free Real Life 2.0“.


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