NYC mayor spends coldest night of year at migrant shelter

The mayor of New York spends the coldest night of the year in a shelter for migrants


New York City Mayor Eric Adams spent the coldest Friday-Saturday night of the year with homeless migrants at a shelter. 

In a Twitter post, he can be seen eating, sleeping and even playing video games at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal shelter with migrants.

“We're going to spend the night with our brothers here so they know our hearts are with them,” Adams said in a video accompanying his Tweet.

“Our brothers are kept warm and the team working here is giving a new definition to the words 'love your neighbour,'” he said in his publication.

The mayor had first visited this refuge in order to “put an end to the rumors that said it was too cold […] or that there was no food”, he said in another video posted on his Twitter account.

“The heat and the food are present, and even the snacks are good for your health,” he continues. We need to stop this anxiety.”

In nearly a year, more than 43,000 migrants have arrived in the city, according to the Mayor's Office of New York.