Obligation of the mask : satisfaction for the employees of the STM

Obligation du masque : satisfaction pour les employés de la STM

The syndicate of bus drivers of the Société de transport de Montréal (STM) said it was satisfied with the decision of Quebec to require the wearing of mask in public transport.

The union requests since April 10 that the transit users wear the mask. The interim president, Daniel Leroux, indicates that the masks help to ensure the safety of its members and customers.

“Since there will be better security in the transit, we hope that more users will be waiting for you”, explains by e-mail to Daniel Leroux, acting president of the union.

The latter specifies that it will not, however, the responsibility of its members to play the “police mask”.

“It is not up to our members to manage, which has a mask and who does not, or restrict access to the public transport”, he insists.

Critical to Montreal

For some elected municipal officials in montreal’s opposition, this decision should have been taken much earlier by the mayor Valérie Plant.

The official opposition at city hall, remember to make this request since the month of April. “For us it was a no-brainer. Montreal was the epicentre of the pandemic in Quebec and in Canada, and she still is,” says the head of the Whole Montreal, Lionel Perez.

Mr. Perez deplores the fact that the mayor Plant has not acted prior to the déconfinement to accustom the population. According to him, the citizens are already afraid to take public transportation since few people wear the mask.

Same sound of bell on the side of Marvin Rotrand, independent consultant Snowdon. “Montreal is one of the last major cities in the world that has not adopted a similar rule, he noted.

It considers that there is a “lack of leadership” on the part of the mayor. “People are afraid to use public transportation. Why Valérie Plante has decided to hide behind Québec and the public health?”, wonders there.

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