Occasions of judicial activities in a new format

Reprises des activités judiciaires sous un nouveau format

QUÉBEC | court activities will resume gradually as soon as the 1st of June, announced minister Sonia LeBel, Thursday, but justice will present a different face than before the crisis.

As of this date, the courts will be the handling of non-urgent.

The justice of québec shall, however, have taken advantage of the health crisis, to accelerate its digital transformation, said the ministry of Justice, by issuing a press release.

Among the measures put in place: the implementation of more than a hundred rooms of the court of virtual, the holding of hearings by telephone, the possibility to sign and file documents electronically, and the transfer distance of more than half of the 4000 employees of the department of Justice.

The “physics” of justice, it has been adapted to comply with the instructions of the public health. For example, panels, protectors have been installed in the courtrooms, in interview rooms and in the service counters.

Also, the disinfectant will be located in the common areas and the entrance to the different rooms or the chairs, microphones, and tables will be cleaned regularly, according to the ministry of Justice.

The hearings will also be held in camera in the presence of the only people considered necessary by the judge of the conduct of the proceedings. Courtrooms virtual, however, may be made available to witnesses depending on the nature of the case.

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