Odessa film festival 2019: impressions from the premiere-the opening of the “Belle Epoque”

Tonight, July 12, guests of the jubilee 10-th OIFF will show a new film by French Director Nicolas Bedos

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 14:49

Одесский кинофестиваль 2019: впечатления от премьеры фильма-открытия  "Прекрасная эпоха"

12 July opens 10-th OIFF

July 12, at the Odessa cinema “Rodina” held a private press screening of the film opening 10-th OIFF “Beautiful era” of French Director Nicolas Bedos. This motion picture today will look at the Opera house, guests of the anniversary of the Odessa film festival 2019.

Watch the trailer of the film opening the FESTIVAL 2019:

The film “Belle Epoque” tells the story of an elderly couple who is experiencing an acute crisis in the relationship. 60-year-old French newspaper Illustrator named Victor long ago lost all interest in life: his son grew up, a creative career is over, and the wife found a lover-therapist.

Одесский кинофестиваль 2019: впечатления от премьеры фильма-открытия  "Прекрасная эпоха"

A scene from the movie “La belle epoque “

One day the wife of Viktor throws his things out the door, thereby forcing the old man to take a new look on life. He almost accidentally finds out about a new company that is using historical reconstruction provides customers the opportunity to plunge into the past. Victor is quite expected and wished to “return” to a dashing 1970s, it was then that he (as a young) met the love of his life.

Одесский кинофестиваль 2019: впечатления от премьеры фильма-открытия  "Прекрасная эпоха"

The film, La Belle Époque was first shown on 72-the m the Cannes film festival

In the final film of Bedossa the viewer will understand why you can not dwell on the past and what is there is beautifully a moment that each of us is experiencing now.

Watch video about who received awards at the FESTIVAL last year:

The premiere of the film “Beautiful era” was held on 72-the m the Cannes film festival. The main roles in the film played by Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet and Fanny Ardant. The tape was very warmly received by the audience and critics.

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The Director of the film Nicolas Bedos first became famous for TV appearances and columns in the press, but was recognized through writing and theater directing. Twice nominated for the Award of Moliere, he gave four performances. In addition, she wrote scripts for several television and feature films. Three novels of authorship Nicolas Bedos also become successful. The last of them, La Tête Ailleurs, has sold more than 120 thousand copies.

Recall, the 10th anniversary of the Odessa international film festival announced the jury.

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