Odessa film festival 2019: online broadcast of the opening ceremony

July 12 kicks off the FESTIVAL 2019

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Today, 16:06

Одесский кинофестиваль 2019: онлайн-трансляция церемонии открытия

OIFF 2019

Today, 12 July, kick off oiff 2019, a strategic partner of the TV channel “Ukraine”. Note that this event can not miss, because the 10th anniversary festival has something to surprise you. Angry celebrities – Catherine Deneuve, Michael Lee, and star of the popular series “Charmed” rose McGowan.

The opening ceremony of the OIFF 2019 can be viewed on Today.Lifestyle. The online broadcast will begin at 19:00. Don’t miss out!

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OIFF team appeared in a festive video to mark the 10th anniversary of the festival

Odessa film festival will last until July 20. We have already told you what the film will close the FESTIVAL 2019.

In Odessa prepared for the international film festival watch the video:

Recall that all of the news on the 2019 FESTIVAL can be viewed here.

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