Odious Mikhalkov refused Pugacheva: “You first become…”

Одиозный Михалков отказал Пугачевой: "Ты сначала стань..."

Alla Pugacheva and Nikita Mikhalkov photo: TASS

today, 15:00

The Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva recently complained received from the Director of Nikita Mikhalkov’s refusal to play the role of a comic old woman. And here again, Alla Pugacheva heard another “no” from the Director.

The diva said that initially Mikhalkov promised to take her to a movie in that role, but in the end did not fulfill his promise. However, Alla Pugacheva did not give to forget about yourself, though in response, I heard only: “You become the oldest first, and then remind me.”

Одиозный Михалков отказал Пугачевой: "Ты сначала стань..."

Alla Pugacheva, clutch.ua

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The singer is convinced that she is perfect for this role. Even more, the artist believes that using high-quality and good makeup any can be turned as an old woman and a young girl. In the Comedy Mikhalkov, which tells about the life of the heroine from childhood to old age, Alla Pugacheva is ready to play a role in both roles.

However, despite the intentions Pugacheva, Nikita Mikhalkov was adamant. The Director is certain that the singer will always have time to play old, but not this time. Mikhalkov explained that it is much more important in life to be as beautiful, young and talented, than to the role of a comic old woman.

Одиозный Михалков отказал Пугачевой: "Ты сначала стань..."

Nikita Mikhalkov

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