Odious Russian singer will go on tour in Ukraine: Declaration of love to Putin

Одиозная российская певица отправится в тур по Украине: признавалась в любви Путину

today, 07:17

Famous Russian singer Lyubov Uspenskaya goes with concerts to Ukraine. However, the singer supported the war in the Donbas and stated how much he loves Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This was announced by activist Sergey Sternenko on personal pages in social networks.

It is reported that the singer on November 10-11, is going to perform in Kiev and Odessa. The activist also reminded that earlier, the singer had publicly expressed their sympathy to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and demanded d to soften the measure of restraint for the criminal authority Oleg Medvedev, who sponsored militants in the Donbas.

Одиозная российская певица отправится в тур по Украине: признавалась в любви Путину

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It is worth noting that assumption recently presented a song in the Ukrainian language under the title “Be without you”. New single, the singer recorded a duet with his friend, the author from Odessa Andrey bol’shedvorskogo. Already on 10 November, the assumption for the first time will perform it at the concert “a love Story” which will be held at the sports Palace in Kiev. It is assumed that assumption on my own page on Instagram.

Immediately after the speech in the capital, the artist will go on tour on cities of Ukraine — tickets to show the assumption for a month as sold out.

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