Of$ 150 thousand for Loboda, the$ 70 thousand — Karol: the announced amount of the fees of the stars new year’s eve

150$ тысяч за Лободу, 70$ тысяч — Кароль: озвучены суммы гонораров звезд в новогоднюю ночь

Svetlana Loboda, Instagram

today, 09:14

New year is the time when the stars can earn the greatest amount for their performances. Many Ukrainian artists will be performing new year’s eve and the value of their performances can reach 100 thousand dollars.

About it reports the edition Strana.ua citing an anonymous source in the event of the Agency.

According to experts, this year’s artists have performed in much more modest than it was before. But this does not apply to prices for corporate events, many stars have risen.

In particular, the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which does not act in Ukraine, and is actively building a career in Russia, takes over their appearances 100 thousand dollars. This is the largest amount announced and event managers.

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150$ тысяч за Лободу, 70$ тысяч — Кароль: озвучены суммы гонораров звезд в новогоднюю ночь

Svetlana Loboda, Hvylya.net

Now it costs not less than $150 000, she is also often invited to America and Monaco. Quinoa is the glitter, glamor and gold. It is almost a symbol of any Christmas feast. Oh, I heard that its Director Natella Krapivina in an interview said that the price tag comes to $400,000, but I think it’s some kind of force majeure situation, like Madonna has not arrived and we must act here and now, “- said the organizers of closed events.

As for Andrei Danilko (Verka Serduchka), in the Wake of the release of the new video dedicated to the Christmas holidays, he increased the cost of performance up to 70 thousand dollars new year’s eve.

Singer Tina Karol, the day before the new year will give a concert in Kharkiv state academic Opera and ballet theatre (THEATRE). 31 December, her concerts will be held at 16:00 and 19:00. Tickets cost from 300 to 1250 UAH, and they were running low, especially at the evening concert.

150$ тысяч за Лободу, 70$ тысяч — Кароль: озвучены суммы гонораров звезд в новогоднюю ночь

Tina Karol, JetSetter

During the Christmas period, specifically from the first of December — the price of the stars is always more expensive. In half to two times. If on a normal day, Tina will agree to play for $25,000, then new year’s eve — it will not be less than $50 000. By the way, its “booked” in September. Many wanted to listen to Carol new year’s eve, but heard refusal. I think Tina is singing in supersecurity the party of oligarchs and politicians, you know, when I ask not to put the video in the “Instagram”. Most likely, even in Kharkov, because her concert will end not earlier than 22:00, and there already and the New year on a nose“, – told in the anonymous conditions, the source of one of the event agencies.

This year the restaurants are practically not focused on the stars in their Christmas programs. The greatest party in Kiev will be one — in the centre of the Park. Announce her as the main new year’s eve in the country by 2020. It will act Olga Polyakova and “Kvartal 95”.

150$ тысяч за Лободу, 70$ тысяч — Кароль: озвучены суммы гонораров звезд в новогоднюю ночь

Olya Polyakova, Caravan of stories

Event managers say that the performance of the Studio “Kvartal 95” new year’s eve could reach $60 000. But the Vladimir Zelensky even before becoming President in an interview Dmitry Gordon said that the fee of kvartalova – €20 000 ($23000).

Olya Polyakova, our Daughter, her name is all. As soon as it comes to the party and everybody wanna Olya. Last year she was planning to stay home and celebrate the New year with family, but at the last moment changed her mind and flew to a private party in the States. This time the organizers still persuaded her to stay in Ukraine and offered to perform for the elite in “the Park.” As far as I know, her fee was at least $70 000“, – said the interlocutor from the promotion Agency.

Singer Max Barsky in late December, flying to Miami (USA). He scheduled two events. First he will perform in a nightclub, where tickets are sold to everyone, and then sing for a narrow circle of guests. He is one of the most expensive Ukrainian artists.

“In the new year’s eve Barsky will earn about $200,000 as a fee for each of the parties will be at least $100,000, “explains event Manager and adds that the relevance of the artist is growing every year.

Dima Monatic (MONATIK), a show which attracted a full stadium of NSC “Olympic”, where she danced not only by his colleagues and fans, but also was attended by the President Vladimir Zelensky with his wife Elena from a public Christmas events refused. According to our information, MONATIK will perform at a private party for 70 thousand dollars.

Singer NK new year’s eve is not planning to speak, but her fee would be 40 thousand dollars. But the singer will still perform in new year’s eve to Kiev on the Sofia area, this performance is not less than $20,000.

150$ тысяч за Лободу, 70$ тысяч — Кароль: озвучены суммы гонораров звезд в новогоднюю ночь

Nastya Kamensky, RBC-Ukraine

Artists of the first echelon will also perform on new year eve, some even several times. For example, the singer Artem Pivovarov, the fees of which $10 000 will sing at the 4 establishments of Kyiv: “lighthouse”, “Villa Riviera”, “HAVANA” and “safe”, thereby, earns $40 000.

Actively interested in repercu Alyona Alyna. She this year has repeatedly performed at festivals, gathered his audience. It costs up to $15 000. And that’s after the singer Alyosha and Vlad Darvin (Alyosha & Vlad Darwin) restored Duo and are preparing for a big recital, they also bought into the event, romantic plan: wedding, engagement, birthdays. Fee Duo $6000-7000, new year’s eve will sing for $10,000 on the corporate“, – summed up the event Manager.

150$ тысяч за Лободу, 70$ тысяч — Кароль: озвучены суммы гонораров звезд в новогоднюю ночь

The price of the stars in the night, Strana.ua

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