“Of course I would like to see Mbappé at Real”: Spaniard Rafael Nadal also hopes to participate in the Paris Games

“Of course I would like to see Mbappé at Real”: Spaniard Rafael Nadal also hopes to participate in the Paris Games

Nadal et la terre battue à Paris, une longue histoire. MAXPPP – JONO SEARLE

if Nadal assures that he does not have many tournaments left to play, Roland-Garros and the Olympics are among his two big objectives. 

Former world tennis No. 1 Rafael Nadal said Wednesday that Roland Garros and the Olympic Games were among his goals, while recalling that he had not decided whether 2024 would be his last year.

"I haven't decided 100% (…), I don't know what competitions I have left to play, I doubt there aren't many, but I can't confirm it", Nadal replied in an interview with the Spanish television channel La Sexta.

"Maybe in three months I will be healthy, I will enjoy it and I would like to continue" but &quot “Given my background, it is difficult for me to envisage this scenario”, he said. "My feeling is that I don't have many events left to play", reaffirmed the winner of 22 Grand Slam tournaments.

A 15th title for Roland ?

"Roland Garros is one of my goals", he assured. "I'would also like to participate in the Olympic Games", added the player crowned 14 times in Paris, specifying that' he was not "100% sure" that he was in good condition.

Djokovic is the best player in history

Asked about his great rival Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal admitted that he considered him the best player in history, even if he projected an image ' ;quot;worse than it actually is". "The numbers say yes, for me it's yes", he responded to the question of whether Djokovic was the best tennis player of all time.

Concerning the explosive nature of the current world No.1, the Spaniard explained: "These are moments of frustration, Novak breaks his racket, but the next point he is 100% ready to play again and it's the best I've seen. Nadal also praised young Carlos Alcaraz. His compatriot has "all the ingredients to achieve an incredible career", he praised.

A big supporter of the Real Madrid football club, the Spanish tennis player also declared that he would like to see Frenchman Kylian Mbappé join the Madrid club. &quot ;Of course I would like (see Mbappé at Real Madrid)", replied Nadal during the same maintenance.

Nadal downplayed the fact that Mbappé refused to sign for Real Madrid in the past: "I'm not someone who holds grudges&quot ;, he said, smiling.

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