Of course of cegeps in cinemas or churches?

Des cours de cégeps dans des cinémas ou des églises?

The teachers of the cegep propose to teach, in cinemas, churches, or community centers this fall, convinced that being in the presence can better ensure the success of their students than those online.

The national Federation of teachers of Quebec (FNEEQ-CSN) asserts that courses might be outside, weather permitting, in order to teach a maximum of students while respecting social distancing.

After you have completed the winter session distance learning, teachers find that learning virtual have undermined the motivation of many cegep students.

“The educational structure and the student-teacher relationship play a fundamental role in student retention. Unfortunately, the remote communication has limitations : it makes it a lot more difficult coaching, which is not without consequence for the student population, especially for those who live and particular difficulties,” says Yves de Repentigny, vice-president responsible for the regroupement cegep of FNEEQ-CSN, in a press release.

This is why FNEEQ claims that teaching presence is privileged and opens the door to take the course in different locations, the most extensive, as churches and movie theaters, and even outdoors.

More details to come…


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