“Of course Roman!”: Balan and Carol admitted Osadchaya in the relationship

"Конечно роман!": Балан и Кароль признались Осадчей в отношениях

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The famous Ukrainian singer, coach of the show “Golos Krainy” Tina loves to delight fans with new pictures in Instagram. Celebrity boasted an incredible way of speaking on the stage of the Kyiv Palace of Sports in honor of the award M1 Music Awards on November 30. So, the artist was fascinated by the romantic performance with a charismatic singer Dan Balan, singing a lyrical song “Home.” It is worth noting that the couple is credited with relations with the project “Golos Krainy”, and in an interview with Katya Osadchaya in the show “high life” Balan has definitively placed all points over “I”.

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Katya Osadchaya asked what between the stars – courtship or romance, but wasn’t expecting to get such a sincere response. “PA-PA-PA-pam, “he embarrassed Carole, looking at Dana. He is not confused: “of Course, it’s a novel. The novel, written by the hand of genius.“, – poetic Westkapelle Balan. In the video you can see Tina at this point broke into a pretty smile with glee.

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