Of creation in the distance

De la création en distanciation

FLIP Factory was to unveil this summer, his new show, Six to the Festival Olala, Austria. The pandemic has forced the circus troupe cirque du soleil from Quebec city to amend its establishment order to comply with the standards of detachment.

FLIP Factory is located in a barn in Portneuf, near Quebec city, a week ago, in order to develop this new version of the show which will be ready for the fall.

A place where the band had created his first show, Catch me, in 2012.

The artists in rehearsal.

“It is exceedingly difficult to create a circus show without contact between artists, and with distancing, but it is possible. It is a constraint that causes us to be more creative “, has launched the general and artistic director, Bruno Gagnon.

FLIP Factory wishes to have a show that will be the test of the COVID-19. Six deploys less in the heights and can also be presented to the outside.

“There is still uncertainty in regards to the following things, but it was important for us to have a show of ready and something to put on the table,” he said, in an interview.


Six is a show where five characters are given an invitation to go in a forest, in a place that is unknown. They will find, on the spot, the presence of a sixth letter to another person and seek to understand why they were invited.

The general and artistic director, Bruno Gagnon.

“The basic framework of the show was focused on the human encounter. This becomes difficult to do in the current context, with two meters away, and the masks. In the new version of Six , this interaction is present by the thoughts, events and stages of life, ” said the director, Olivier Lépine.

The transformation of the show in creation is accomplished by the choice of disciplines and individual numbers.

“There has been an overhaul of the scenario, so that Six , it is not a series of numbers solo “, he indicated.

The acrobat, juggler and clown a world-renowned Jamie Adkins, Jacob Gregory, Dylan Herrera, Camille Tremblay and Méliejade Tremblay-Bouchard will provide numbers of hula-hoop, of Cyr wheel, acrobatics, trampoline, rope, soft, juggling and balancing.

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