Of glass and light

Of glass and light


Bring the light of spring on a host of glass accessories, to celebrate the return of spring to your table in a sparkling way. 

Brilliant salad bowl

Composed of crystal glass, this salad bowl (3.2 litres) from the “Boston” collection signed Villeroy & Boch has been finely crafted to bring a touch of elegance and shine with a thousand lights, whether on a special occasion or for a simple meal, which it will sublimate.

linenchest .com > $79.95 

Sculptural Pitcher

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The shapes of this glass pitcher named BASTUA (1.5 litres) seem to have been carved, as in a piece of wood. Made of borosilicate glass, a solid and resistant material, which does not fear temperature changes, this vase intended for serving delicious drinks would also beautifully highlight a bouquet of flowers. 

ikea.ca > $24.99 

Timeless butter dish

With its retro 50s vibes and classic lines, this glass butter dish that can hold a quarter pound of butter (7 inches) will never go out of style. Before you even lift its transparent lid, you'll already know if it contains enough butter to spread your toast.

linenchest.com > $15.95 

Colorful mugs

These transparent and colored glass cups will brighten up the room with olive, indigo and coral hues during coffee breaks and lunch, two times when it is good to fill up on the sun to feed on vitamins and energy. Through the glass, tea, herbal tea, coffee and any other delicacy will reveal amazing colors.

simons.ca > < strong>24 $ for the set of two 

Amazing dish

This glass dish gray from the OMBONAD collection (29 cm) designed by designer Francis Cayouette will attract attention wherever it is. On the counter, buffet or dining room table, filled with fresh fruit, pastries or treats, it's sure to draw compliments.

ikea.ca < strong>> $29.99