Of heavy fines for recalcitrant in Côte-Saint-Luc

Des amendes salées pour les récalcitrants à Côte-Saint-Luc

If the City of Côte-Saint-Luc has made the mask mandatory in all public spaces in mid-June, the period of tolerance of the authorities is now complete.

The City of Côte-Saint-Luc, in the west of the island of Montreal, do not intend to laugh with the recalcitrant. Of heavy fines for traders who do not comply with this new regulation are laid down.

As of Monday, inspectors will visit businesses to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

The owners of shops who will be pinch with customers who do not carry the covers-face between the walls of their establishment are subject to nes ranging from 100 dollars to 500 dollars.

“The inspectors will check if the poster of the City is on the window and if they have disposable masks,” explained the mayor of the City, Mitchell Brownstein.

“We think that it will be three weeks. This is not very difficult to do inspections,” added the mayor Brownstein.

In Côte-St-Luc Bagel, you don’t even get the customers inside the bakery. “It’s a very small store,” said an employee of the business met Sunday by TVA News.

Observation on the ground: the population is in favour of the regulation that already seems to be widely respected.

“I see almost 80% of people with masks,” said a citizen, VAT New.

Former hot spot

At the beginning of the crisis, the city of Côte-Saint-Luc became the main focus of contamination in Quebec. The situation has now improved considerably.

As its population is relatively older, it is time to take action, ” said the mayor.

“Wherever one goes, one sees that this is the reality, if you don’t want to have a second wave, [it is necessary to wear the mask],” argued the mayor of Côte-Saint-Luc.

Today, the rate of people infected since the beginning of the pandemic in Côte-Saint-Luc is substantially the same as the one that is recorded in most montreal neighbourhoods.

Remains that the municipal government has always remained vigilant in the fight against the disease. In this city of a little more than 30 000 inhabitants, about 50,000 masks were distributed so far, noted the mayor Brownstein.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in all indoor public spaces, municipal buildings and businesses in Côte-Saint-Luc.

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