Of medical masks from China to be less effective than expected

Des masques médicaux de Chine moins efficaces que prévu

Some medical masks from China may not be as effective as anticipated, according to Health Canada, which requires health facilities to verify if all of their inventory meets the canadian standards.

This notice was sent Tuesday, just days after us authorities had raised concerns in relation to masks KN95 of chinese origin.

Health Canada said to have approached a number of businesses that may be importing these KN95 and asked them to inform their clients of health facilities.

The level of filtration masks in question is not more than 95 % and therefore they cannot be used in a medical context. However, they can be in an environment that does not require such a degree of filtration. In short, these masks do not need to be destroyed, but only to be relabelled, said Health Canada.

The organization has also ensured that this notice did not KN95 purchased by the federal government and tested by the public health Agency of Canada (PHAC).

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