Of nooses found on construction sites in Toronto

Des nœuds coulants découverts sur des chantiers de Toronto

TORONTO | Few hundred people demonstrated against racism on Wednesday, in the wake of the discovery of nooses on three construction sites of Toronto.

The participants of the peaceful march wanted to send a message of unity, but also denounce these actions in the black community. “It makes us angry. We have had enough of being threatened. We have had enough of people who believe that our lives are worth nothing,” said the reverend Maya Douglas, one of the presenters of the event, according to remarks relayed by the channel to CP24.

“We are here to say that this type of hate crime will not be tolerated in the community. We will no longer accept this type of hatred, ” said an organizer of the event, Zahra Dahrani.

The nooses were first discovered on the site of the hospital, Michael Garron, June 10. According to Global News, they had been placed on the workstations of two black workers.

Then, last week, the other two nooses were discovered on two different jobs, Thursday, and Friday.

All of these events are the subject of an investigation by the Toronto police. This last has entrusted to his department of the hate crimes care to shed light on these incidents.

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