Of purchase to find businesses in Montréal-Nord

Des bons d'achat pour découvrir les commerces de Montréal-Nord

MONTREAL | A program of vouchers has been put in place to educate the population on the local businesses in Montréal-Nord.

“We know the territory and for the wrong reasons. It is the opportunity to discover the vibration of the borough,” says Jean-François Gosselin, director general of the Corporation de développement économique communautaire de Montréal-Nord (CDEC).

In exchange for a donation of $ 20 to the platform of crowdfunding in The Hive, the interested parties may obtain vouchers of 30 $ which can be spent in any of the 35 participating businesses.

You can also choose the option of “solidarity” and offer the card as a gift to a household in Montreal-North, in return for a donation tax credit.

According to M. Gosselin, for a very high proportion of the residents of the borough working in essential services. “Those are the people that have maintained our economy by their work force. It is a nice way to thank them for their support through the pandemic,” he said.

For every voucher sold, Desjardins will also give $ 20 to a community-based organization of the district, up to a maximum of $25,000.

The shops rejoice

The initiative seems to be well accepted among the participating merchants interviewed by the 24 Hours. Open since 2015, the restaurant and catering Agent Gourmand says he is quite excited to be able to participate in the project.

“An initiative such as that, it does not refuse,” explains the co-owner Jinnie Michot. It’s going to discover Montréal-Nord to the people who don’t know what it is about them,” she adds.

Lucy Pino, owner of Pino Cafe + Bistro, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary in September, also appreciates the initiative and hope she will come back after the pandemic.

“Not all the shops that may advertise on. This kind of initiative, it comes to give us a boost not just to the local level, but also from the outside”, she adds.

The cards will be delivered from the 27 July. To get a map and find other participating businesses, you can get to the address www.laruchequebec.com and type in “Montréal-Nord” into the search bar.

A Montreal-North solidarity

Solidarity is always present in Montreal-North, in spite of the difficulties experienced during the pandemic, this borough, which has been particularly affected.

The owner of Pino Cafe + Bistro, Lucy Pino, decided to do business with a company in the corner when the time came to change its trade to comply with new sanitary measures.

“I love the concept of buying local, so we wanted to encourage a local company to sign the Montreal-North and make our acrylic glass”, she explains.

Ms. Pino is also very involved with several community organizations in the neighborhood, and to get herself a voucher program managed by the Corporation de développement économique communautaire de Montréal-Nord.

“I don’t know yet if I’m going to encourage one of my fellow merchants, or an organization, I try to think about it!” she says.

For its part, the co-owner of resto-traiteur Agent Greedy, Jinnie Michot, said that she also see the solidarity among the customers who have not hesitated to offer their support and their help.

“We have many messages of hope on the part of our customers who are concerned and who take our new. It really says a big thank you,” she says.

“The way to work in Montreal-North, it has always been in collaboration. It is appreciated that each has strengths and expertise”, argues Jean-François Gosselin, the director-general of the CDEC, which allied with the borough and the Centre d’action bénévole de Montréal-Nord for the establishment of the program.

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