Of the dance tracks out of control

Des pistes de danse hors de contrôle

In some of the bars, several party-goers act as if the measures of distance did not exist.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, the nightclub Muzique on St-Laurent boulevard, in Montreal, the employees are hidden were attempting to enforce the rules, but the large dance floor was out of control.

The facility had added tables to try to avoid the combinations, without success : the people were many to dance to at least two meters away from each other.

The Terrasses Bonsecours in the Old Port, we could even see crimes in the queue at the entrance, where bustled smokers and passers-by.

Questioned to this effect, one of the security officers confessed to the inability to control the comings and goings of all.

“It would be enough of a night-club of 400 people who do not respect enough the measures to start a pandemic “, is worried about Pierre Thibault, president of the association of the bar of Quebec.

It’s too late ?

Despite the good intentions of the staff, he noticed a slackening of vigilance and behavior of customers past a certain hour.

This is also why many of the tenants interviewed now open earlier in the afternoon to close to 23 pm or midnight.

Some owners seem to be few cases of sanitary rules. “There are some who are downright proud of it “, observes Jean-Sébastien Michel of the Alkademie.

What are those that should be closed by the authorities, and not those who are trying so hard to combine with constraints sometimes confused, pleads-t-it.

“This would be the platform having to close because of other bars who do not care royally “, abounds Manny Empty the Dirty D, Brossard

-With Dominic Scali and Nora T. Lamontagne

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