Of the faithful delighted to find their church

Des fidèles ravis de retrouver leur église

The time was expected by many of the faithful across the province: the places of worship have finally reopened their doors on Monday, after three months of closure because of the COVID-19.

“For me, churches are a place for silence, contemplation. It is truly a place to go, think of everything that happens in life. The things that are beautiful things to be difficult. So I am really glad to be back here today,” said a woman who came to gather in the basilica-cathedral Marie-Reine-du-Monde, Montreal.

While many masses were broadcast on television during the pandemic, many are thrilled to finally be able to gather in their place of worship.

“I missed it because that’s what it is, my life, the mass,” said another of the faithful who recounts having had to watch the mass in the evening after work when she returned to work.

Sanitary measures

In agreement with the recommendations of the public health, several measures have been put in place to allow for the distancing and physical and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The priests in particular should wear the mask at the time of communion in the catholic churches. The faithful, for their part, must sanitize their hands before taking the host.

In addition, stickers on the benches marking the places where the faithful may sit while maintaining the distance of two meters.

Of course, no question of giving the hand at the moment to share the peace.


The Corporation of the thanatologues du Québec estimates that thousands of funerals have been postponed due to the closure of places of worship.

Now that they are open again, we can expect to that many funerals are celebrated in the course of the next few weeks.

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