Of the keepers at the edge of the disobedience

Des tenanciers au bord de la désobéissance

Microbreweries, bars with food, or entertainment centers, and even licensed stores that will open next week to denounce one form of injustice with the announcement Monday about the restaurants.

“At this point, I don’t know if I can but I really don’t care. I’m going to open the same my terrace. It is enough, ” quipped Martin Vaillancourt, owner of the microbrewery Le Corsaire, a Lévis.

The Corporation of the owners of bars, brasseries and taverns in Quebec has already informed the government that if it maintains the refusal to open the bars at the same time as the restaurants, this could push many owners to engage in civil disobedience.

“It is ben wrong “

Nothing has yet been announced in regards to the bars that do not serve food.

“I was ready to do three weeks ago. If there are others who join me, I’m going to open. If I have to sell pizza and coleslaw, I’ll do it, ” said Richard Poulin, a bar Sport Vegas boulevard Sainte-Anne, Beauport.

“It is ben the wrong way. I want to death, ” protested Guy Baillargeon, the Brewery Lionel, on avenue Chauveau.

The Association des microbrasseries du Québec, several issues were still pending Monday regarding the reopening of the institutions.

“It is still unclear even after talking to the Régie des alcools,” says Marie-Eve Myrand, director-general of the AMBQ.

In Quebec, almost all of the microbreweries now has a food supply that will allow them to open their doors.

In Saint-Roch, La Barberie is expected to open its terrace in the next week.

“We have a licence to prepare a general of the MAPAQ. If one serves the food, you can open up, ” says William Garant, a member of the cooperative.

An injustice

For Marco Sanschagrin, the Dooly’s of Neufchatel, the situation leads to a profound injustice.

The 27 institutions Dooly’s, which are considered as centers of entertainment, will not all open because of their catering offer is different from one place to the other.

“There is an injustice. They will end up killing those who remain. Me I could open because I do burgers, but another bar that warms the pizza, no. “

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