Of work two times more expensive: the renovation of the bridge-tunnel, The Fountain will cost 1,142 billion $

Des travaux deux fois plus chers: la rénovation du pont-tunnel La Fontaine coûtera 1,142 milliard $

The major work of renovation of the tunnel Louis-H.-La Fontaine will eventually more than a billion dollars, double what it had been brought up here.

The ministry of Transportation of Quebec announced Thursday morning it has concluded a contract of 1,142 billion $ for the work that will take place in the next 5 years.

In June 2019, François-Philippe Champagne, then federal minister of Infrastructure, spoke at a press conference with the minister responsible for the Montréal region, Chantal Rouleau, a project “with a wingspan of over half a billion dollars”.

The successful consortium, a Renewal of The Fountain, inc., includes quebec-based Pomerleau and the giant French construction Eurovia.

SNC-Lavalin group was also in contention for the renovation of the tunnel, but he had thrown the towel in July 2019.

The federal government will contribute to the project at the height of 427,7 M$. The cities on both sides of the book, such as Montreal, Boucherville, bring respectively$ 3 Million and$ 1.1 Million. The government of Québec sponge the rest of the bill, more than$710 Million.

Quebec also indicated Thursday that the major obstacles would not begin until 2022. From this period, at least two of the six traffic lanes of the tunnel will be closed permanently, and this for a period of two years.

More details to come.

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