Off the coast of the UAE for the first time in a decade seen a whale-“killer”

У берегов ОАЭ впервые за десятилетие видели китов-"убийц"

One of the most elusive species.

Off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, in the area of Moon island for the first time since 2008 we saw a flock of killer whales, reports the with reference to UNIAN.

Emirati businessman returned from fishing and was able to take video eight orcas 70 km from the coast.

As noted by scholars, the three specimens belong to the so-called Pod group 11: two of them 11 years ago was spotted in the coastal waters of Abu Dhabi, and 7 years later – in 3300 km from Sri Lanka.

Oceanographers also noted that killer whales living in the Northern part of the Indian ocean, considered one of the most elusive marine life. Orcas are nicknamed “killer-whales” being the largest carnivorous dolphins. They eat fish, cephalopods, marine mammals. A day orca requires up to 150 kg of food.

They differ from other Dolphin contrasting black and white coloration. Over each eye a white spot. Male killer whales reach a length of 10 m and have a mass up to 8 tons; females up to 8.7 m long. Dorsal fin of males is high (1.5 m) and almost straight, while the female – about half and bent.


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