Offensive to combat the dropout at the start of the school collegiate

Offensive pour lutter contre le décrochage lors de la rentrée collégiale

Several partners joined forces to launch an offensive in order to combat the dropout at the start of the school collegiate.

An awareness campaign is being deployed on social networks in order to convince high school seniors tested by their end-of-year school distance to make the jump to cegep this fall even if the session will be conducted in hybrid mode.

“We will accompany you and even ensure that you will be able to socialize”, lance-t-on in a video aimed at new students who are about to make their return to cégep in the most exceptional circumstances.

Students who have special needs, such as learning disabilities or an attention deficit disorder, are encouraged to contact the appropriate services of the college, “even if it is summer”.

In the college network, it is feared that the mode of teaching planned for this fall, which will combine activities in the presence and distance training, not discourages several.

This initiative has been realized thanks to the collaboration of the college Centres to support the integration of the Fédération des cégeps, the Association of private colleges and of the Ordre des conseillers en orientation.

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