“Office party”: producer Polyakova said about the debate Zelensky and Poroshenko

"Будет корпоратив": продюсер Поляковой ответил о дебатах Зеленского и Порошенко

The producer of the famous Ukrainian singer, “Superblondinka” Olya Polyakova Michael Jasinski has denied reports that the actress will be performing at the concert for the debate of candidates in presidents of Ukraine at the NSC “Olympic”, which should pass on April 19.

This became known thanks to Ukrainian media reports.

"Будет корпоратив": продюсер Поляковой ответил о дебатах Зеленского и Порошенко

Olya Polyakova

“Surprised by the news. These days Olga is on tour. In the framework of her tour of the show “Queen of the night” will be held at the ice Palace in Severodonetsk on 5 thousand spectators, and will also be a corporate party in Kiev. On 19 April she’s on the road. Olga wholeheartedly supports the aspiration of society for fair elections and none of the propaganda campaigns for presidential candidates not involved,” said Jasinski.

It is worth Recalling that the headquarters of entertainer and presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky lifted the veil of secrecy over how we will hold the debate in the Olympic stadium on April 19.

Organizational aspects shared by the speaker of the election headquarters of Vladimir Alexandrovich Dmitry Razumkov broadcast talk show “the Pulse” on channel 112 Ukraine.

“As for stands, I think the tribune at Zelensky will be 19 number,” he said.

The speaker shared that meetings of the working groups of both presidential candidates has already taken place.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the speaker of the headquarters of presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky Dmitry Razumkov shared some important information before the second round of elections. The speaker of the servants of the people told how the preparation for the debates at the NSC “Olympic” and who will be allowed to look at the long-awaited negotiations.

Recall, Goncharenko and Chervonenko staged “debate” on the fist: the scandalous video.

As reported Znayu, Zelensky “stripped” in front of the whole Ukraine: a servant of the people saw only his wife.

Also Znayu wrote, the debate Poroshenko and Zelensky: who and why may not be allowed on the “Olympic”.


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