Offices to rent by the hour as a long-term

Des bureaux à louer à l'heure comme à long terme

The idea of renting office spaces customized to the hour, the week or the month with balcony or catering service, is gaining popularity in the city centre of Montreal and several companies are considering teleworking in the long term.

As soon as the government Legault has announced the reopening of the shops a few weeks ago, the phone 1188 Union started to ring “a lot,” says the project’s designer, Yves Durand.

Its business centre on three floors offers professional spaces to variable area, for rent short or long term, full-time or even on time. The concept is completely new in Canada, is differentiating spaces of coworking in vogue since the past few years where it can be found in shared spaces and where we can rent offices fully closed.

Launched at the end of 2019, the centre, which consists of 69 offices, thereby offering a solution to business owners not wanting to rent commercial space to life. Balcony and room water private, swimming pool, sports hall, catering and concierge services : “everything is customized according to the needs of each occupant”, underlines Yves Durand. Even the ventilation system is individual, which limits the exchange of air and therefore the risk of spreading viruses, a setup rarely seen in the office towers in the country.

Yves Durand, creator of the business center, 1188 Union, in Montreal.

15 phones per day

“Since mr. Legault announced that the shops opened in the city centre, this is where the phone has started ringing a lot,” says Mr. Durand. If it cannot quantify the increase in popularity of its services as visits to its offices were not possible until quite recently, the designer said to be grown from a few calls per week to close to 15 phones per day for rental applications.

The reasons companies are multiple. Some are more comfortable to work in open areas in coworking, others wish to rent long-term accommodation, but only for one or two days per week in addition to telework, ” says Mr. Durand, who meets all of these new constraints with its business model.

Others will opt totally for the work from home and exhibit at 1188 Union only to have a “pied-à-terre” in the city centre when they have important meetings.

Example of the type of work room rental at 1188 Union.

“The social acceptance of working at home has been accomplished totally. […] The bosses will encourage it to reduce their bill of real estate, but knowing that the employees will still have to come anyway, at least to meet clients at the centre of the city,” he explains.

The cost of rent may influence many owners in the weeks and months to come. According to the most recent survey from the canadian Federation of independent business (CFIB), 18% of québec companies are afraid of being evicted from their local or block access for not have been able to pay the latter the monthly payments.

Example of the type of work room rental at 1188 Union, in Montreal.

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