Official investigation on the action decried by federal police officers in Portland

Enquête officielle sur l’action décriée de policiers fédéraux à Portland

An official investigation was opened on Thursday by the u.s. department of Justice on the very controversial subject of federal police officers in Portland, where clashes opposed almost every night the forces of order and demonstrators, anti-racist.

The mayor of Portland himself, Ted Wheeler, was sprayed with tear gas Wednesday night as he was going to meet thousands of people protesting in particular against institutional racism and police violence.

“I have seen nothing that justifies” the use of tear gas, he started talking about a “disproportionate response” of the federal agents, the deployment of which has been ordered in some cities of the country by the president, Donald Trump for, according to the last, restore ” law and order “.

Much more serious, according to many citizens or elected us, many of the videos posted on social networks last week shows the federal agents in uniform, using military equipment, to arise of unmarked vehicles to confront protesters.

The movement began here more than fifty days, as elsewhere in the country, after the death of the middle-aged black George Floyd at the end of may under the knee of a white policeman.

The mobilization in Portland, traditionally a very rebellious, has not been amplified since the arrival of the federal forces in the city.

The inspector general Michael Horowitz, who oversees all internal affairs investigations, the department of Justice announced Thursday in a press release, have officially launched investigations into the events of Portland.

Always at the request of members of Congress, a separate investigation has also been opened on the intervention of the forces of the order on the 1st of June in Washington to disperse a protest which was held around the White House, for which the president Trump had already weathered a storm of criticism.

These investigations will ” examine the role and responsibilities of the ministry of Justice and its agents charged with the maintenance of order in their response to demonstrations and public disorder in Washington DC. and in Portland, Oregon, over the last two months, ” says Michael Horowitz.

The inspection will include a review of “training and instructions” given to forces of the order of the ministry of Justice, their respect for the rules governing their identification and intervention, as well as guidelines on ” the use of ammunition for riot control, product tear and the force in general.

“Rapid deployment Force “

The investigators will coordinate with their counterparts at the department of homeland Security, whose services have also announced the opening of an internal investigation, said Mr. Horowitz.

Several court proceedings have been initiated by complainants who disagree with the mobilization of the federal forces in Portland, accused by some of behaving like commandos paramilitary arrests summary.

According to documents submitted to a court in Oregon by the manager of this ” rapid deployment force “, these men, dressed in camouflage camouflage contributor to Portland would be from three contingents of the department of homeland Security : the protective Service, federal police, immigration (ICE) and customs and border protection (CBP).

Members of the service of the Marshals, which depends on the ministry of Justice and has the mission to protect the judges and courts federal, supplement their workforce, which amounts to 114 in total.

Parliamentarians welcomed the initiation of the investigations, demanding to shed light on the use of federal forces for according to them “repress, gas up, and hit peaceful protestors and the american citizens who are exercising their right” to freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution.

“The Congress will continue to fail and this government’s mindless, but it is of the utmost importance that these inspections are independent go to the bottom of the use of force by the president Trump against its own citizens,” write three responsible democrats in a press release.

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