Officially: the series “Gossip girl” will be continued

The first 10 episodes will be released on the streaming service HBO Max

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Официально: сериал "Сплетница" получит продолжение

HBO will release the continuation of the series “Gossip girl.”

Popular American TV series “Gossip girl” star who was accused of rape, will be continued. Streaming service HBO Max show spin-off cult show about teenagers from a private new York school, reports Variety.

On the cult series of the 90s, see the short video:

In February of this year appeared the information that the CW plans to restart the popular series “Gossip girl” (Gossip Girl), aired on the screens from 2007 to 2012. After the show officially continued.

It is expected that the premiere of the new “Gossip girl” will take place in spring 2020. The series will consist of 10 episodes that will be aired on HBO Max. It should be noted that the restart will continue to do original writers and showrunners Gossip Girl.

Официально: сериал "Сплетница" получит продолжение

Still from the TV series “Gossip girl”

The story will unfold in the eight years since the finale of the original series and talk about the new generation of teenagers of the Upper East side. “Eight years after the original site became dilapidated, a new generation of teenagers in new York’s private schools faced “Gossip girl”. The new series will show audiences how social networks and new York itself has changed in a few years”, – stated in the announcement of the project.

Probably “Gossip girl” will be the new castes. However, media reports suggest that some of the characters of “Gossip girl” may appear in the new episodes as cameo.

Официально: сериал "Сплетница" получит продолжение

The original castes of “Gossip girl”

Recall that the main role in “Gossip girl” was performed by Blake lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgly, ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Sebastian Stan, Kelly Rutherford, and others.

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