Often depressed — anabolika the star of “Beverly hills” Shannen Doherty has confessed that she is saved

Часто впадает в депрессию — онкобольная звезда "Беверли-Хиллз" Шеннен Доэрти призналась, что ее спасает

Shannen Doherty, screenshot: YouTube

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In early February, 48-year-old American actress Shannen Doherty, who became world famous thanks to roles in TV series “Beverly hills” and “Charmed”, has publicly admitted that after long-term treatment is again struggling with cancer.

The star said that thanks to the friends lead a healthy lifestyle and not lose hope. On its support were made by fans and colleagues around the world. Recently, on the personal page in Instagram Shannen Doherty published a photo which said that gives it vitality and drives away gloomy thoughts. The actress assured that the secret is in the support of loved ones.

Часто впадает в депрессию — онкобольная звезда "Беверли-Хиллз" Шеннен Доэрти призналась, что ее спасает

Shannen Doherty photo: instagram.com/theshando

After the publication of the diagnosis, and found Daugherty in fourth stage breast cancer, colleagues in the TV series “All women – witches” publicly supported Shannen Doherty and assured that her brave fight against cancer is an example for many. Also, the actress said that her friend model Anne Marie Corruit constantly calls her on Hiking and reveals the secrets of cooking healthy food that has worked wonders for the health and skin Shannen.

The star of “Beverly hills” wrote that last week was quite productive. But at the same time the actress admitted that she often falls into a depression, which is save her friends.

“After a year of struggle with cancer that returned, and other stresses I got back to it. Take care of yourself and take each day. It is not always easy. I have days when it’s depression or just laziness. But I will come through with the help of friends,” said the actress. Shannen Doherty

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