“Oh, those legs”: Dasha Astafieva struck by the luxurious shapes

"Ох уж эти ножки": Даша Астафьева поразила роскошными формами

Popular Ukrainian singer, actress and sex symbol Dasha Astafieva often shared with fans in Instagram pictures from the life and various photo shoots. Recently the star published in his Instagram account posted racy photos from the concert on which it is possible to examine in detail the ideal figure of the singer.

The actress took the stage in a daring black bodysuit, embroidered with stones, with a deep neckline. Complements the image of the extravagant hair — Afro-Kucher and bright makeup. Together with Dasha in a no less explicit images were made by two girls from the ballet.

Fans of the singer did not remain on the sidelines and reacted to the new photo: “the Cat is my favorite”, “Back this vintage style. Super. I really like”, “Oh, those legs”.

"Ох уж эти ножки": Даша Астафьева поразила роскошными формами

Besides Dasha Astafieva struck change of hairstyle. instead of the usual curls, and she laying in the Afro-American style.

"Ох уж эти ножки": Даша Астафьева поразила роскошными формами

"Ох уж эти ножки": Даша Астафьева поразила роскошными формами

Recently, the celebrity boasted vivid scenes from the famous Kiev restaurant. So, the actress posed in a tight striped shirt and tight jeans, drastically changing hairstyle for curls instead of the usual four of a kind and lit up a perfect figure.

Previously “Know.ia” has told that Dasha Astafieva showed self in the mirror, having put on face mud mask, and quoted his former.

Celebrity also took part in erotic photography, posing completely naked. So, the actress boasted a black-and-white portrait photo, where her body poured black paint, and the hair gathered in an unfamiliar short hair. Ample Breasts Dasha gently covered hands.

And Astafieva intrigued fans with a new joint picture with TV presenter Alex Durnev. It turns out that the artists will play the main role in Ukrainian Comedy “the Producer” which will be released on February 14.


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