OIFF 2019: French Director Sonia Kronlund told about the truth and falsehood in the documentary

Sonia Kronlund talked about their experiences and give professional advice

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20 Jul, 16:31

ОМКФ 2019: французский режиссер Соня Кронлунд рассказала о правде и лжи в документалистике

Sonia Kronlund at the FESTIVAL 2019

On 10-th Odessa international film festival, strategic partner of the TV channel “Ukraine”, a lecture by French Director, radio host and member of jury of European documentary films at the 10th OIFF Sony Kronlund the theme “Truth and lies in the creation of documentary films”.

Watch the video on how to OIFF 2019 passed the series premiere of “Marcus”:

Sonia Kronlund spoke to reporters and the audience about the deception in documentary cinema. According to her, this topic is very interested in her, because around her constant discussions. She showed some clips from the film and spoke them with the public.

“Everyone thinks that a documentary is reality. Before I started filming, I didn’t even think that such a question can arise. What distinguishes a documentary from a journalist?The journalist speaks of the reality, which for a documentary is not the goal. The reality in documentary film does not exist, only the point of view of the author into reality. You invite the viewer into another world, so a little manipulation in this way is justified. You must agree with reality, ” said the French Director.

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Also, the woman noted that for her the main rule in making the film is respect for the heroes.

“I have an important rule that I constantly adhere to. Imagine that I want to make a movie about you. I record conversations with you, watching your behavior, you are telling me one thing and then on the screen you see is quite another. The main thing – respect for the heroes. Correctly adjust the connection with the truth. For me it is important that the character has not complained about me after the film, not asked, me to remove any image or words. This is one of the ethical borders: the character has the right to look at their history “, – said Kronlund.

ОМКФ 2019: французский режиссер Соня Кронлунд рассказала о правде и лжи в документалистике

Sonia Kronlund

In addition, Sonia has described the situation of her experience filming.

“To what extent can be manipulated in the documentary? In order for the viewer was captured by the story, it should be holistic. I had a situation where between the two scenes lacked a certain piece that would connect the two parts. In the material that I removed, I couldn’t find one. So I added a scene that was not filmed for the movie, and just at the time of our conversation with the hero. There is such an artificial combination.”

Do not forget the Director to acknowledge the importance of the master class at the FESTIVAL: “For me, this master class is also an opportunity to reflect on his new film. I’m shooting a story about a man who has 5 women in different countries. In parallel, he lives 5 lives. This man, a large part of life which is a fraud. And I thought, if I can afford, for example, hiring an actress or a private investigator to film a casual conversation with him? And I have now an interesting question arises – “What is the limit of deception in a documentary about a liar?”.

ОМКФ 2019: французский режиссер Соня Кронлунд рассказала о правде и лжи в документалистике

Sonia Kronlund

“We live in a very specific world, we are surrounded by rules and regulations. I think the lie is the response to artificially constructed order of society. A lie is an interesting topic for a documentary film script. You can try to consider why society needs a lie?”, completed Sonia Kronlund.

We will remind, on July 16 held a discussion on gender equality “Women on screen and beyond” in the framework of cooperation of the OIFF, the strategic partner of the TV channel “Ukraine”, with HeForShe, a global solidarity movement in support of gender equality from UN Women (UN Women).

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