OIFF 2019: how was the third day Film Industry Office

The main event this day was the pitching of national projects

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July 20, 17:32

ОМКФ 2019: как прошел третий день Film Industry Office

The third day Film Industry Office at the FESTIVAL 2019

The main event of the third day of the professional section of the Film Industry Office of OIFF 2019, a strategic partner of the TV channel “Ukraine”, was the Pitching of national projects. Also guests and participants of the professional section waited three presentations: “Innovation in the film industry”, “Opportunities for co-production of Lithuania and Ukraine, Opportunities of financial support for cinema in Ukraine” and panel discussion “gender equality in the film industry in action.”

Watch the video on how to OIFF 2019 presented the TV series “Marcus”:

In the third day of the professional section was opened by the presentation “Innovations in the film industry” for industry professionals held by presidentmay Odessa international film festival, founder of TA Ventures, Viktoriya Tigipko. She outlined the main digital opportunities that provide services in the film industry, and noted that now one of the main focuses of the festival is also the maximum integration of the film industry in innovative technology.

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The next event was the Pitching , which has been presented 13 competitive projects. After the pitching July 19, three winners will receive prizes, among which 60 000 UAH from Odessa international film festival, 60,000 hryvnia from Ukraine TV channel and the prize in the amount of 85 000 UAH from the global solidarity movement for gender equality HeForShe .

In pitching 10-th OIFF participated the following projects: “Pas de Trois” (dir. Diana Cardoman, prod. No Voskanyan, Armenia), “You – space” (dir. Pavel Ostrikov, prod. Vladimir Yatsenko, Ukraine), ” 044 ” (dir. Nikon Romanchenko, prod. Natalia Libet, Ukraine), “La Palizada” (dir. Philip Sotnichenko, prod. Valeria Society, Sasha Zubko, Ukraine), ” Whom do you love more? “(dir. Tonya Noyabreva, prod. Libet Natalia, Ukraine) “Utopia” (dir. Yuri Rechinsky, prod. Maksim asadchiy, Ukraine, Austria), “I’m Nina” (dir. Vladimir Kharchenko-Kulikovsky, prod. Olesya m, Ukrainian), “Our chest is our weapon: the history of the movement FEMEN”(dir. Darya Zhuk, prod. Denis Ivanov, Ukraine, France), “First of September” (dir. Roman Bondarchuk, prod. Elena Ershova, Ukraine), “Blik” (dir. Valentyn vasyanovych, prod. Valentyn vasyanovych, Volodymyr Yatsenko, Ukraine), “brown Eyed” (dir. Maria Ibragimova, prod. Zeynep Atakan, Azerbaijan), “Border games” (dir. Helen Mikaberidze, prod. Tech Machavariani, Georgia), “Panopticon” (dir. George Sikharulidze, prod. Vladimer Katcharava, Georgia).

The moderator of the pitching was traditionally German producer Simone Baumann . The composition of the professional jury consisted of: Marianne Slot, producer (France), Guillaume de SAI , producer (France), katriel schory , Executive Director of the “Israel Film Found” (Israel), Carsten Stater , producer (Germany), Rina Sildos producer ( Estonia), Martin Blythe , curator of the Berlinale Co-production Market (Germany), Elena Kanishevskaya , creative producer of TV channel “Ukraine” (Ukraine).

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Another event within the Film Industry Office was the presentation of “opportunities for the co-production of Lithuania and Ukraine”.

The next meeting for industry professionals was the presentation of “Possibilities of financial support for cinema in Ukraine” . The speakers were: Philip Ilienko, Chairman of the State Agency of Ukraine for the movie, Julia Fediv , Director of the Ukrainian cultural Fund, Irina Prokofieva , head of the software Department of the Ukrainian Institute. The meeting was moderated by the General producer of the FESTIVAL Yulia Sinkevich.

Philip Ilyenko said: “the Most important factor for sinovialnuu in Ukraine projected state support. However, there is no stability in this field so there are risks for all involved in the filmmaking “.

Yuliia Fediv, talking about the financial support from the Ukrainian cultural Fund, noted that this year under a separate program received approximately 700 applications and we plan to support approximately 200 projects. “For the next two years we also plan to maintain the program support the audiovisual sector,” she said.

ОМКФ 2019: как прошел третий день Film Industry Office

Film Industry Office

At the end of an eventful third day of the Film Industry Office section participants held a panel discussion on “gender equality in the film industry in action.” Speakers of the event included Tamara Tatishvili , the representative of EWA – European Women Audovisual Network, Francine rhubarb, representative of Eurimages (European cinema support Fund) and Dominic Stojanoska, program specialist of the organization “UN Women in Ukraine.”

“We should not raise the issue of gender equality, because even looking at statistics, you can understand that, in most countries, the issue is one of the most important,” said Tamara Tatishvili .

Francine Rhubarb during the discussion, said that today important to every organization with any activity integrate gender perspectives. The representative of “Eurimages” stressed that the European support Fund for the cinema has established a prize to motivate women to remain in the movie. In particular, the winner of this award will receive a prize of 30 000 euros.

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