Oils the magnifying glass

Les huiles à la loupe

The radius of oils, the choices are more numerous than ever. The evolution of our eating habits and the cultural influence of the kitchens, moreover, are reflected in the diversity of products on the market. On the side of the oils, the evolution is marked. In the summer period, since the salads are featured, the oils have the rating ! Between olive oil, canola, sunflower, avocado, camelina, etc, getting lost easily. However, each oil has its virtues, health and an assortment of several types of oils at home is often advisable.

Peanut oil and allergies

If you are allergic to peanuts, in theory, you do not react-not to the oil since it is free of allergenic proteins. However, if your allergy to peanuts causes a reaction fatal (anaphylactic shock), do not take risk and turn to other types of oils. Also, check always the ingredients list of the food purchased, and notify you of the oil used in the restaurants.

Do you know argan oil ?

Beauty Secret of Moroccan women, argan oil is manufactured in South-Western morocco. Traditionally, the nuts of the argan tree is crushed by hand by women to extract the oil. It has a light nutty taste that adds flavour to salads at will. In Morocco, the women smear their bodies with the hair oil for revitalize-in-depth. Oil, in particular used in beauty products, quebec Zorah.

Oils of Quebec

The enthusiasm for buying local is part of a movement of solidarity that can only be welcomed. A few oils many here deserve to be discovered ! This is particularly the case of the oil of camelina (Olimega-Signed Camelina), rich in omega-3 and vitamin E, to taste, herbaceous, single, hemp oil Origin, oils of sunflower Pre and Cheerful and Champy. Several other great companies congest the Quebec oil in which the olives are harvested in Tunisia (oils Lahmar – recipient this year of a gold medal in an international competition) or in Greece (The Beautiful Excuse and flavoured oils Zoë). The House of Orpheus is another great company that offers a variety of quality oils.

Lite dressing

Usually, the dressing is composed of two parts oil to one part vinegar or another part acid (like lemon juice). For a low-fat vinaigrette, you can change the aspect ratio (half oil and half vinegar). You can also compose salad dressings creamy with the yogurt or salad dressing with fruit puree or pesto. The variants are numerous and allow you to add variety to our salads.

A few tips :

  1. For cooking, opt for oils that are predominantly mono-unsaturated. The oils in peanut and avocado are particularly tolerant to the heat. The oil of camelina, in spite of the predominance of fatty acids, also has a high smoke point.
  2. Refrigerate oils are highly polyunsaturated, such as oils of flax and hemp. These are also the oils that will last less long once opened.
  3. For salads, vary between oils of olive, canola, hazelnut, sunflower rich in oleic acid, very good for heart health and the oils of nuts, camelina, sunflower, hemp, sources of essential fatty acids.
  4. Check the expiration date on the label when purchasing.
  5. Choose oils sold in bottles of dark, which will protect the oils from light.
  6. Look for the words “extra virgin” (which indicates a first pressure) on the olive oil.
  7. The reference to “pure” indicates that the oil has been refined, it is of lesser quality, but can very well be used for cooking.
  8. The term “light” does not indicate that the oil is lighter in fat, but good in taste.

Distribution of fat to different oils

Types of oils Fatty acids Mono-unsaturated fatty Saturated fat
Safflower oil74,5%12,1%9,1%
Oil of camelina53%30%10%
Linseed oil66%20,2%9,4%
Sunflower oil65,7%19,5%10.3% of the
Grape seed oil69,9%16,1%9,6%
Corn oil58,7%24,2%12,7%
Soybean oilFor 57.9%23,3%14,4%
Walnut oil63,3%22,8%9,1%
Hazelnut oil6,5%89%4,3%
Argan oil35.7% in44,9%18,5%
Olive oil8,4%A 73.7%13,5%
Canola oil33.3% of55,5%7,2%
Sesame oil41.7% ofWith 39.7%14,2%
Hemp oil75.4% in13,6%10.3% of the

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